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Just the Facts
Visit all the latest news on the virtual seasons out there with info on new ventures to old favorites.

AKA the 'Huh?' File

Not sure what the heck a Virtual Season is? That's fine. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for information on what it means to be a virtual season and about this site in general. 


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What in the world is a Virtual Series and what does VSG do...

Below is a list of frequently asked Questions about Virtual Series and about this site in particular.

For those just tuning in...

  • What's a virtual series? Virtual Series/Seasons (sometimes called VS) come in all shapes and sizes. Some are pattern after shows still on the air. Others are patterned after some that have gone off the air. Some are spin-off featuring lead characters who go off on their 'own'. A virtual series can also be an original work with new and exciting characters from the creators.
  • So they really aren't on TV? No they are not. They are stories written by fans and writers either in script or prose (story) form or sometimes both.
  • Is VSG the only guide around? Heck no, there are a few other fine sites such as Phoenix Television Network that publicizes virtual series on the web. Check 'em out!
  • How do I 'see' the shows? Just click the links from the Show page to be taken directly to the site. We don't house the series. We're strictly a links site so any problems with any Virtual Series should be directed to the Series Webmaster, whoever that might be. Most sites have an information or contact page that you can use to let them know.
  • The screen looks funny? Why? This site best viewed in IE 6.0. Netscape and AOL users might have problems. 


For those who run a series...

  • I run a VS. How do I join? First visit our JOIN page for instructions. 
  • Are there any rules? Yep. You have to link to us on your web page and all submission descriptions need to be 30 words or less. If sites are PG-13 and higher in content you must state this in advance. We also reserve the right to refuse any link. I doubt this will happen but sites that have sexual content with minors, etc. are not accepted. If you're unsure if your site meets our requirements, just ask.
  • How do I send my information? After you send your first email we'll give you the address for uploading your new information to us. Each month you'll send along your synopsis' for the month via our online form.
  • How often do you update? We run on a monthly schedule so we need your information for each month. All information is due two days prior to the next month (For example for February synopsis' we need the info no later than Jan. 29th for placement). If you can't make the cut off time that's fine. We'll do our best to add your information but we can't promise when that might be. To insure that your information goes up to the site GRID be sure to send it at least 2 days prior to the start of that month.
  • What about the timeframe for news items? We need them two weeks in advance if you have a special event coming up that month. We'll try to do last minute announcements but again, no promises.
  • How do I contact VSG? If you have further questions email us at 



Buffy: The Chosen
New town. New rules. Same old Hellmouth. Buffy and the gang continue to fight evil in this Virtual 8th Season of Buffy.


Quantum Retribution - Everything must have its opposite -- even Quantum Leap. Here, Lothos rules supreme, and chaos and mayhem seem to go hand in hand.
Watchers Council's Chronicles 
Story following the Watchers Council before Buffy's arrival as the Chosen One. 


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