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Just the Facts
Visit all the latest news on the virtual seasons out there with info on new ventures to old favorites.

AKA the 'Huh?' File

Not sure what the heck a Virtual Season is? That's fine. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for information on what it means to be a virtual season and about this site in general. 


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  • Added Buffy: The Chosen to our shows list
  • Added Watchers Council's Chronicles to our shows list
  • Added Buffy:TVS Season Eight to our shows list
  • Added two new shows - Quantum Leap and Quantum Retribution to our shows list
  • Lunatics on Leave! -VS8 next scheduled airdate is Tuesday, May 6th. The Lunatics have been doing this for over 8 months without a rest period while they have the rest of the season well mapped out and work done on quite a few more eps, they need a bit of time to catch their breath and get in a bit more prep work done to maintain the quality level they are at now. During the hiatus, they will be releasing a few extras updates and other work. Chatting on the boards is encouraged and they have posted some sample topics. They went on leave, quoting Ethan: "We'll be seeing you!"
  • Undercover :: The Virtual Series is looking for a staff of writers and reviewers. If you're interested in the show please e-mail the show's creator, Brent at
  • New Addition! Pleased to announce that Rogue  and has joined our list of Virtual Series. 
  • New addition! Pleased to announce that Buffy Season 8 has joined our list of Virtual Series.

If you have a news item email us at with the subject 'VSG News' and we'll get it placed for you. If material is time sensitive make sure to send it at least two weeks in advance so we have time to tell the world! News includes (but not limited to) staff announcements, 'guest stars' on upcoming shows, site announcements, scheduling changes, etc.


Buffy: The Chosen
New town. New rules. Same old Hellmouth. Buffy and the gang continue to fight evil in this Virtual 8th Season of Buffy.


Quantum Retribution - Everything must have its opposite -- even Quantum Leap. Here, Lothos rules supreme, and chaos and mayhem seem to go hand in hand.
Watchers Council's Chronicles 
Story following the Watchers Council before Buffy's arrival as the Chosen One. 


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